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  Nidri Bypass, Nidri,
  Lefkada, P.O. 31084
  Lefkada island, Greece
  Tel: +30 26450 93109
  Fax: +30 26450 93109
  Email: abacus@otenet.gr




The Island of Lefkada always has events and local sites to take time to participate or go visit over the winter periods and summer.

Green Half Marathon

The Green Half Marathon takes place in Lefkas town every year. Locals or visitors prepare themselves with a hard training schedule for the months coming up to the event. On the day the whole town comes together to watch and support all the athletes.

Traditional Dance festival Folklore

The Folklore festival happens in August. Dance groups from all over the world join and share each countries traditional dance routines, a week full of different cultures. Those who are living in Lefkada and would like to participate in the festival can join the local Greek dancing schools and represent Greece.

Bridge Tournaments

In Lefkas town there is a Bridge club. Those who enjoy playing bridge can join in with the classes to learn how to play, or if they already are knowledgeable in the game can team up and in the nearer future can participate in the Tournaments that are organized all around Greece.

Traditional local Festivals

There are many festivals that take place on the island in honor of their local produce. Some of those being “η γιορτή της σαρδέλας” which means “the feast of the sardine” or “ η γιορτή της φακής” which is “the feast of the lentils”. All of the locals gather together in a specific area that has stalls cooking the produce that is being celebrated. All together enjoying themselves by listening to the traditional music, dancing or eating.

Mountain Bike Races

The lenght of the race is 17 kilometres and it runs through rural and forest roads, pathways and small streets throught traditional villages. Anyone who enjoys bicycling can take part in this race or even join in supporting the athletes, as it has a great social atmosphere.

Sports Competitions

Athletes from all over Greece participate in this event. The games includes over 50 athletic contests of all categories which members can participate in or even enjoy watching.


For those who love singing, everyone is welcome in the choir groups around Lefkada. Choir performances take place often either in an open theater or local cafeteria. The socializing after the performance is always a lovely way to catch up with friends.

Lefkada is an island that always has something to do and join in with. Its location is the best if someone wants to live the “island life” but also get away to the near cities.
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