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  Nidri Bypass, Nidri
  P.O. 31084
  Lefkada island
  Tel: +30 26450 93109
  Fax: +30 26450 93109
  Email: abacus@otenet.gr




The first and oldest estate agents on the island, operating since 1999.


Pauline and Nikos are a well known and respected husband and wife team that have been on the Island of Lefkada for over 20 years.

Pauline is English and speaks fluent Greek enabling smooth interface between client and professional bodies.

Nikos is Greek and speaks English. He is highly experienced in building and design having been in the trade for over 40 years.
Having worked all over the world he has gained valuable experience in what can be achieved in different environments and the knowledge to make it happen.

ABACUS-HOMES LEFKADA Office The office is based in Vlycho, Lefkada and has a large portfolio of properties covering the Ionion Islands. The company is highly valued and utilised by the local community and regularly consulted with by the island authorities.
Abacus Real Estate specialises in finding land and properties to meet the individual needs of its selected clientel. The company is experienced in ensuring that all legal, planning and financial processes and requirements are adhered to, leaving you the time to enjoy the project , in the full knowledge that your dream will become reality.
On your behalf, Abacus Real Estate will liase with Venders, Notaries, Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, Civil Engineers and any other specialists your plans require. The Ionion Islands are world renowned for its spectacular sailing, and we are proud to say, Abacus Real Estate is currently developing a branch to provide the sailing fraternity with a portfolio of sailing craft.
ABACUS-HOMES LEFKADA Office Whether you are staying on the island or elsewhere in the world, Abacus Real Estate will work closely with you, keeping you fully and regularly informed of progress. You can be confident in the knowledge that your project is being handled by the most experienced team on the island. Abacus Real Estate will be working on your behalf, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

Abacus Homes was established in 2001 to meet the expanding needs on the island for desirable homes at prices to meet the clients affordability. The company uses highly skilled specialized labour and ensures all legal and building regulations are met.
The company is renowned for their stonework, vision for interior and exterior plans and making the best use of natural land features within the design. Abacus Homes are happy working either off plan or to a one off design. With the self design project Abacus Homes will discuss with you the various options available, such as modern or traditional Greek etc.
You will have complete flexibility in how your new home will meet your dream by incorporating any particular features within it.
Agreed timescales are important to Abacus Homes who will project manage your dream. The company prides itself on its efficiency to meet deadlines and will keep you fully and regularly informed of its progress.

With a wealth of experience in development and asset management we have an insight into what makes the property process tick from purchase to sale.
Years of managing other professionals and working with end occupiers allows us to fully understand the key drivers in the property process and enables us to get the best from professional teams.
Once you have purchased your plot there are 3 easy steps to follow.
First step, ABACUS will liaise for you or with you by visiting or via emails with local architects and engineers in order for you to create your dream home, from the planning stage to arriving to your new home.
STEP 2: We will agree with you and prepare for you a project and payment schedule that meets with your specific needs.
STEP 3: Whilst work is carried out we will send you weekly progress reports with photos of how your project is moving forward, until completion.
If your building a small garage or as we are at the moment one of the grandest villa's on Lefkada,( we can meet all your needs, come in and have chat with us - see you soon

Nidri Bypass, Nidri
P.O. 31084
Lefkada island
Tel: +30 26450 93109
Fax: +30 26450 93109
Email: abacus@otenet.gr

We look forward to being of service to you in the near future!

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